Get up and GO Potty Helper Two-Step Stool. Has 4 handles for ease of use. Sturdy and SAFE, glued and screwed. Fits your toilet! - PINK

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GIVE YOUR CHILD SOME GET UP AND GO! THIS STEP STOOL WILL HELP AT POTTY TIME!*************************************************************************************************************HAS TWO EXTRA HANDLES ON FRONT FOR EXTRA GRIP AND CONTROL!MANY PARENTS AND THERAPISTS ARE USING THIS STEP STOOL FOR CHILDREN WITH PHYSICAL CHALLENGES, SUCH AS CEREBRAL PALSY, ACHONDROPLASIA (DWARFISM) AND OTHERS THAT NEED BETTER STABILITY.*************************************************************************************************************EACH STOOL IS CUSTOM MADE OF SOLID WOOD, AND GLUED AND SCREWED TOGETHER FOR STABILITY! EDGES ARE ROUNDED FOR COMFORT AND SAFETY.************************************************************************************************************************************************************THIS SPECIAL STOOL IS PAINTED LAVENDER************************************************************************************************************************************************************ THIS STOOL IS A CUSTOM BUILD TO FIT YOUR TOILET. STEP STOOL IS 22" TALL AND 15" DEEP. WIDTH DEPENDS ON MEASUREMENT OF BOWL WIDTH. ADD 1 3/4 INCHES TO WIDTH OF BOWL TO DETERMINE TOTAL WIDTH OF STEP STOOL. BOTTOM STEP IS 4 1/2"" AND SECOND STEP IS 9 1/2"" FROM FLOOR. SEE DIAGRAM OF HOW TO MEASURE - LOCATED WITH LISTING PICTURES. CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS ON MEASURING YOUR TOILET FOR CUSTOM BUILD. MEASUREMENT CHOICES ARE LISTED IN THE ORDER FORM. BE AWARE OF HOW BATHROOM DOOR OPENS, AND WHETHER STEP STOOL WILL ALLOW ROOM.HERE IS ONE REVIEW OF THIS POTTY STEP STOOL. CHECK OUT OTHER REVIEWS AS WELL.Love it! Quality is amazing and it works perfectly. Sturdy enough for my son to climb and turn around to get on potty and we use it for sink too 4.6 (from 2358 reviews) 38.99EUR Suppliers: In stock